Business Phone System

What can a phone system do for our business?

The most popular features of a phone system is to place a call on hold and transfer calls. Then we have Caller ID, Voice Mail, Intercom, Redial, Speaker Phone, and a Flash button for using service provider features. In the 2000's we came up with the ability to transfer a caller to a Cell Phone or Home office. Now we have the ability to send a voice mail to an email address, the ability to control our phone from a computer,
Make you and your associates more avavilable to your customers.
Transfer calls off-site to a Cell Phone when you are out of the office. The Real Estate, and the Construction Industry has really prospered from this feature. A receptiones can simply transfer or redirect an incoming call to a Call Phone or Home Office.
Has made traveling easier as the best way to connect to a phone system is with a softphone loaded onto a notbook or lap top computer. Using this configuration a Wondows computer with the VPN protocol can easily connect to the home phone system safely and securly with all the features available as a dest phone.
Voice Mail to Email
A messagecan be sent to an email address in a wav file to be listened to at any time. Apple, Windows and Mobile Phone compatible. When the Voice mail System receives a new message the message is then sent out via an internet connection to an external email address.
On Hold Messages
When a caller is placed on hold a mesage can be played. The onhold message can let the caller know all about your specials, services, and products.
Cordless Phones
Connected to a phone system an associate can roam around a facility freely with the ability to stay in touch. A Cordless Phone is most popular with a busy receptionest that has the need to answer and transfer calls while away from his or her desk.
Speed Dialing
One of the most awsome features is the Speed Dialing. Most phone systems have th capability to program in hundreds if not a thousand Speed Dials for frequently called phone numbers, usually in a Rollodex type configuration.
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